The most exciting and unique adventure that I offer is for the fisherman, and is also where the name "Ole Jigger" comes from. A second generation jiggerpole fisherman, I have been extremely successful for the past 40 years catching large stringers of bass and crappie on Caddo, using my method of jigger pole fishing. I have recorded 15 bass over 10 lbs., the largest being 12.57 lbs., all on a jigger pole. Good catches of bass are more common than not using this techique, but they do call it fishing and not catching!

Caddo Lake is a shallow, moss and lilly pad filled lake that is home to the largest bald cypress tree grove in Texas. This makes it the perfect place to jiggerpole fish and the reason I love it so much. The rush of fighting a giant bass on the jiggerpole will quickly get in your blood, and if you are like me, your regular fishing equipment will soon be covered in dust. I am the only guide offering this type of trip on Caddo Lake and maybe in the world!

The ultimate Jiggerpole experience includes: Training on operating a jiggerpole boat (I will furnish you a boat to fish from), short class on the technique of jiggerpole fishing, 7+ hours fishing the best areas of Caddo Lake and fish cleaned if crappie are biting. I practice catch and release on bass! Come follow the Ole Jigger around Caddo and rip some lips! Driving the boat around this beautiful lake is worth the price. The knowledge you gain will help make you a successful fisherman trip after trip, and catching fish on the jiggerpole "priceless".

The jiggerpole boats are small boats built in the early 70's. A very large person may find the boat uncomfortable to operate all day long. You must be able to sit for a long time and there is no room to get up and walk around. We can stop and get out from time to time and break for lunch if you wish.

The best time to jiggerpole fish is usually February through April, depending on water temperatures. This is when the spawning process begins. After the spawn, until the dog days of summer is also good until the lake becomes unfishable with vegetation. If we have to resort to conventional fishing, I have a Ranger bass boat to fish the river or lake in some top water action areas on the lake. Remember, when fishing Caddo Lake, the wind is your friend and our boats are small but we have plenty of places to hide.

You must be 18 years old or older to drive the jiggerpole boat however, trips are available with me in my boat if you would rather not operate a boat by yourself. Keep in mind, around 200 lbs. is all I can safely handle in the back of my boat.

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